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Rehoboth's Community Plan
Rehoboth's Community Plan
What will make the City of Rehoboth Beach home in 10 or 20 years? What does our future look like to you?
Rehoboth's Community Plan

The Planning Commission is underway with the 2020 Comprehensive Development Plan. The plan will consider economic, cultural, educational, environmental, social and health hopes and dreams.

This is the start of the City's listening and engagement phase. There will be many different opportunities for all voices in our community to be heard. And we want to hear from everyone!

Add an idea below to tell us your thoughts and ideas.

How can we design a city where everyone feels they belong?
What do you want the City of Rehoboth Beach to be known for?
How can we work together to make a great future for our children?

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Rehoboth's Community Plan

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